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Archive for Year: 2012


Auction Items for Your Event

Some of the questions that always come up for an auction fundraising event are: How many auction items should I have in total? How many silent auction items and how many for a live auction? Although those questions are subjective, I do have some opinions on the subject that may […]


Why go with a veteran Emcee for your event?

The other day I was asked a very good question. “Why would I book an emcee for my event when I could get a local radio personality or just do it myself?” We sat down for a coffee to discuss this further. You see a seasoned emcee is very key […]

Coaching Volleyball and the Speaker Parallel

This year I was fortunate to coach volleyball at the high school level. I began to relate the coaching position to being a speaker. Although your audience is smaller and more captive, you still follow a lot of the same steps you would do to prepare to speak. You must […]