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Archive for Month: March 2020


Preventing Cramps Contrary to what you have been told, research has shown that cramps in the latter stages of a game are NOT due to dehydration or electrolyte loss from sweat. The real reason is neuromuscular fatigue – a fancy way of saying your muscles gave up. Muscles reach a […]

Confidence – EMJ Keynote Speaker and Mental Game Coach Shayne McGowan

Shayne McGowan talks about confidence. How it can help you succeed or how having too little or too much (overconfident) can help you fail Listen here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/mentaledgeperformance/episode-4-confidence Book Shayne McGowan to work with your team in the office or on the field today!

Keynote Speaker Feature – Chad Besplug

Considered a true definition of a cowboy, Chad Besplug brings the excitement and dynamic energy of bull riding to the podium. Cowboys have a reputation as tough athletes and Besplug talks about his love of bull riding. He will walk you through the dangers and the ultimate thrill of riding […]


Weight Loss and Weight Gain To lose weight, reduce your calories consumed per day by 500 – 1000 calories. Do that for a week and see if your weight changes. If not, drop by no more than 500 calories and test it again for a week. To gain mass, eat […]


Lafleche & District Lions Club

“The whole audience loved our speakers, Wes Cates and Scott Schultz, never heard one negative comment about the whole night including our emcee who humoured the audience throughout the evening. I would recommend EMJ Marketing for any fundraiser that you are doing as they were more than helpful at all […]

The Perfectionist – EMJ Keynote Speaker and Mental Game Coach Shayne McGowan

Sometimes the pursuit of perfection can hold you back from true greatness Listen here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/mentaledgeperformance/episode-3-the-perfectionist Book Shayne McGowan to work with your team in the office or on the field today!  


Rod Pedersen – Keynote Speaker

Rod Pedersen is a fantastic Keynote speaker that is making an impact in the communities in which he speaks. He is well known for his message of Hope, Recovery and Strength and his own personal journey with addictions and mental health. His other Keynote topics include social media marketing strategy […]

Wayne Lee – Keynote Speaker and Hypnotist

If there’s one thing peak performance experts like Wayne Lee agree on, it’s that the mind is capable of leading us anywhere. He is an unrelenting advocate for individuals and teams looking to turn potential into performance. Through humor and hypnosis, he helps people drop their defenses and access their […]

Dan Clark – Keynote Speaker

Dan Clark has an ability to relate to football fans of all ages which makes him an exceptional addition to all dinner speaker lineups. As the anchor of the Roughrider offensive line, Dan tells tales of life in the CFL trenches. Add in Dan’s views of the magical 2013 season […]

10th Annual Zenon Park Sports Gala April 4th 2020

The 10th Annual Zenon Park Sports Gala is set to go April 4th, 2020.  The night will feature speakers Chris Getzlaf, Brad May and PJ Stock.  Get your tickets today!