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Archive for Month: April 2021

ON THE ROCKS: Jill Officer offers expert analysis of the women’s world curling championship

By Ted Wyman Apr 30, 2021 WATCH BELOW as two-time champion Jill Officer joins Postmedia’s Ted Wyman from the bubble in Calgary to provide expert analysis of the world women’s curling championship, which got underway Friday. What do you think?

Mental Health and Farming with Rod Pedersen

Farming is demanding. We get that. So, how do we remove the stigmas around asking for help when we’re feeling the pressure? This week we’ve invited Certified Recovery Coach, Rod Pedersen to the show to discuss his experience with growing up in a small town, his struggle with addiction and […]

Rod Pedersen – Telling Their Stories Podcast

In episode 26 of telling their stories, Hall of Fame broadcaster, Rod Pedersen, founded Pedersen Recovery Inc. where he serves as a Sober Coach for athletes and entertainers battling Addictions & Mental Illness, and is an outspoken Recovery Advocate serving as a keynote speaker. Previously, he spent 20 seasons as […]

Amber Balcaen – Victory Lane Podcast

Listen here https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/episode-101-amber-balcaen/id1453352693?i=1000515518640 Amber Balcaen made history, becoming the first Canadian female to win a NASCAR sanctioned race in the United States. But she’s now setting her sights on bigger and better things in the motorsports world. She joins Davey this week (17:00) to explain why joining the BMR Drivers Academy […]

ON THE ROCKS: Curling analyst Jill Officer breaks down action at world men’s

Apr 03, 2021 By Ted Wyman WATCH BELOW as Postmedia curling writer Ted Wyman breaks down the first two days of action at the world men’s curling championship with the help of analyst Jill Officer. What do you think? VIA: https://winnipegsun.com/curling/on-the-rocks-curling-analyst-jill-officer-breaks-down-action-at-world-mens Jill Officer Photo by Anil Mungal