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The youngest licensed bail bondsperson in Hawaii at the age of 18, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” reality television star Lyssa Chapman’s tumultuous life was on display for the world. In her new book, Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage Amid Chaos {Howard Books, May 7, 2013}, Chapman shares the details of her harrowing life including abuse and addiction and offers concrete advice and solutions for readers who feel overwhelmed by their own dysfunctional circumstances.

“From my youngest days, I always knew that God had something better in store for me,” writes Chapman. “I can now proudly say that I embrace my life, all of it, and I look forward to helping guide other young women through their own troubled times.”

As a child, “Baby Lyssa” was routinely neglected by both of her parents. Things only got worse from there. Walking on Eggshells reveals her nightmare journey from child mental and physical abuse, to removal from school and confinement at home, to flight from protective services, and teen pregnancy.

Despite it all, and against incredible odds, Chapman found her way out of the spiral of bad decisions and worse luck to build a healthy relationship with her mother and father and forge a rewarding, positive life. Using her personal experience as a way to help others, Chapman concludes the book with frank counsel on finding the straight path, complete with a question-and-answer section that focuses on making proper choices.

An astonishing true story of one young woman’s trek from poverty and abuse to fulfillment and stardom, Walking on Eggshells is heartrending, powerful, and inspiring.

Pictures courtesy Lyssa Chapman