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Siera Beerhall’s an inspiration to everyone who has ever struggled with bullies and critics.

During the Miss Universe 2016 contest, Bearchell placed in the top nine out of 85 countries, but that was not the story. Bearchell moved into the spot light when she called out online body shamers and trolls who were critical and made hateful comments about of her weight and body shape.

The law student from Moose Jaw really made an impression when she took to social media to preach self-love and the importance of self-worth.

You will hear her amazing story on how she took the opportunity to stand up to these critics and be a strong inspirational voice for all those who are insecure about their body and overall appearance.

Her journey to help others started in 2009 when her family lost their home in a fire and were helped by the Red Cross. Siera volunteered but was looking to give back on a greater scale so she entered the Miss Teen Saskatchewan contest. Her goal was to win the title, so she could speak to people about disaster preparedness and disaster relief.

Her experiences changed her life forever.

Siera’s desire when she speaks is to uplift the people in our lives rather than belittle them for their appearance. She celebrates the diversity and uniqueness and discusses how there is beauty beyond size.

Her message will help people change how they view themselves. She has changed lives and helped others find beauty within themselves.

The personable and energetic Siera is also a very successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. She will share key findings on how to excel in business, the importance of education and how maximize your potential to help others no matter the challenges you may face.

You will be moved and inspired by her messages and walk away feeling great about yourself and what you do.

"We had the honour of having Siera Bearchell speak to our students about her life story and it is something they will never forget. Siera is one of the most charismatic speakers we have had at our school. She has amazing stage presence and is a naturally gifted speaker and story teller. What I appreciated was how she emphasized the importance of education and to be a lifelong learner. Her message comes from a place of experience, which also adds to the impact of what she is saying as she has walked the walk (literally on the runway!) and then talks the talk. She is so down to earth and the students could really relate to what she was saying. The students listened keenly and truly appreciated what she had to say. In talking to the students afterwards, they said they appreciated her honesty, her confidence and her message to be yourself. In talking to them further they, they said they wished she could have spoken more as they wanted to learn more from what she had to say.

I would highly recommend Siera Bearchell as her message and experience show others that they too can reach their dreams. Siera is one of the best speakers I have heard in my 22 years as an educator and student leadership advisor. She is a positive role model and an inspiration to all.

    Ren Lukoni
    Leadership, Pottery, & Art Teacher - L.P. Miller Comprehensive High School

Video courtesy WE Day

Pictures courtesy Siera Bearchell and Scott Ramsay