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Brooke Paul

Body builder Brooke Paul is proud of her Saskatchewan roots. As an avid fitness enthusiast, Brooke is living proof that focus, determination and spirit are the keys to achieving your dreams.

Part of her success is her dedicated commitment to giving back to the community that supports her. Brooke shares her caring nature, talents and positive message with the Big Brother/Big Sister program and with seniors. She believes that contributing her time and being a positive mentor with solid core values can make a difference in the lives of others.

Combining her passion for becoming a police officer and competitive nature, Brooke is eager to share her message that details how to find your path to success no matter what your goals are. Brooke’s inspirational presentation highlights her dedication to a healthy and fit lifestyle and how to balance your daily life and overcome roadblocks in order to achieve your goals.

With her feet firmly planted on the ground, Brooke has a clear vision for her future. She continues to work and train to reach her personal goals. Brooke is focused on competing in fitness and weight lifting competitions and she is sharing her road to success on her blog at https://www.emjmarketing.com/blog/

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