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Brooke’s Fitness Board – April 16th, 2019


Hi everyone!

I’m back! It was been a long and busy 6 months. I got a new job and had to figure out a new routine along with commuting two hours a day. I have taken some time off from the gym, and let me tell you… getting back into it is very hard, but once I’m there it becomes an addiction all over again! Today I’m going to give you some ways to make some peoples least favourite, (but my favourite) workout a little bit easier and more fun, LEG DAY! 

Try a new kind of squat – there are so many different ways to squat than just the traditional barbell squat. For example you could do a front barbell squat, box squat or even putting a small weight under your heals and doing a traditional squat just hits everything so much differently! 

Swap the barbell for dumbbells – this is similar to trying a new type of squat, but instead of using the barbell switch it up and hold dumbbells by your side. A good squat with a dumbbell is also a ‘goblet squat’, stand in a wide stance holding a single dumbbell at chest level and squat!

Lighten up on the weight – If leg day is your worst enemy and you’re only hurting yourself after it, try lightening up on the weight. No one is judging you and you can still get the same (if not more) benefits from this. 

Leg day shouldn’t be skipped. I do leg day every second day, targeting different part of my legs each time of course. Sure stairs and toilet seats suck the next day but trust me, it gets easier! Put on some good music, find a good gym buddy and rock your next leg day!


Brooke Paul

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