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Brooke’s Fitness Board – August 22nd, 2018



Let’s have some REAL TALK! Bloating is something that I’ve always struggled with, as you can tell in the picture my stomach is flat in the morning but as the day goes on and I get food and water in my body my stomach explodes! There are days it’s better than others and days where I could pass off as a being 6 months pregnant. In both pictures I am neither sucking in or sticking my stomach out, plus in the picture I’m bloated in was right after a cardio session. This is totally normal!!!!! Although I know how much it affects me and others as well, here is some tip to help bloating.

Brooke Paul
  • Increasing your fiber (although keep in mind, if you don’t eat much fiber but then all of a sudden eat a bunch that will cause you to be bloated. Gradually increase your fiber intake) I take Metamucil daily to help with getting me the fiber I need that I don’t get through food.
  • Stop drinking sodas, chewing gum
  • Eating 5 smaller meals vs 3 large meals
  • Cut down on your salt intake
  • And of course, exercise will help!

If you try to change your lifestyle and your bloating is ongoing and/or has other symptoms it could be a medical condition and you should go see your doctor. Ruling out a Wheat Allergy or Lactose Intolerance would be ideal of course.  There are a few tip and tricks I have learnt to help cut down on belly bloat. Although it is enviable there are ways to help control it!


Brooke Paul

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