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Brooke’s Fitness Board – December 19, 2018


Sage Cake

Today I’m going to talk about heavy lifting in the gym vs light weight with more repetitions. People often get the misconception that you need to lift as heavy as possible in order to build muscle. Well that’s not the case, you can lift relatively light weight with higher reps and build muscle just as effectively. Now you might build muscle a little “faster” when you lift heavy. But from my personal experience it’s not that much better. I used to lift as heavy as I possibly could every workout to maximize my gains to the fullest. Which is good and all but my body paid for it in the end, I would have aches and pains everywhere throughout my whole body from pushing my self over the edge. When you lift heavy weights you are more or less gaining more strength in your muscles. When you are lifting light weight with more repetitions, you are going to increase your endurance level. It’s also going to get your heart rate up more as well because you are doing more reps each set. I still like to lift heavy weights I just don’t do it every work out, I mix it up now. I will do one week of heavy weights, then one week of light weight high reps. I will also mix it all up into one week, so for my larger muscle groups like chest, lats or legs I will work with heavy weight. Then with the smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps, calves, core and shoulders I will do light weight higher reps. When I am working with lighter weights and higher reps I also feel like I can get more of a mind/muscle connection.

Sage Cake

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