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Brooke’s Fitness Board – February 12, 2019


Hey guys and girls! Today I’m

Sage Cake

Going to give you 5 tips on how to stay on track while dieting!

  1. Plan ahead! Always plan ahead with everything including meals and workouts. Start meal prepping and create meals for your self, to help keep you away from binge eating what ever is easiest to throw in the microwave or order. Plan your workouts ahead as well make time for at least something it doesn’t matter what, 30 min walk/run weight lifting.
  2. Keep healthy snacks on hand! This one is so easy to do. All you need is a few protein bars either in your car or in your gym bag, at work in your desk. It can be what ever snack you enjoy but keep them near for when your hungry, and defeat the urge to go to the vending machine and grabbing a bag of chips.
  3. Focus on why you started! This one is very important. You need to keep this one in the back of your head at all times, remember why you are doing this if it’s either losing weight/gaining weight/maintaining wait.
  4. Give your self cheat meals NOT cheat days! Cheat days can result in over eating and give you reasons to throw in the towel. You want to keep it simple and only one cheat meal per week. Keep the Tastes and smells of the bad food away from you as much as possible.
  5. Be realistic! Don’t give your self goals that are going to be impossible to overcome. You need to set goals that are easily achievable, this way when you reach that goal, you can set your self a new one and feel good about your self when you keep hitting them out of the ballpark.

Sage Cake

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