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Brooke’s Fitness Board – February 19, 2019


Hello everyone! Today I’ll explain to you what fasted cardio is and why you could benefit from it.

Fasted cardio is usually done early in the morning or 8-12 hours after your last meal. This ensures that you do not not have any food in your stomach. you could burn up to 20% more body fat doing fasted cardio by exercising with no food in your stomach. If your going to do fasted cardio, you don’t want to do full sprint exercises you want to keep it low intensity like a jog or fast paste walk. Fasted cardio burns stored fat and carbs, but can also burn stored protein. If you are a weight lifter trying to accomplish low body fat and lean muscle,  it is good to drink BCAA while you do it to help stop the breakdown of lean muscle. Fasted cardio is most effective on the stubborn areas of body fat, such as the hips, lower stomach area. You body will benefit from a protein packed meal with some carbs 20-30 minutes after your fasted cardio.

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