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Brooke’s Fitness Board – January 22nd, 2019


Hello everyone this week I’m going to talk about my Monday fitness routine and what I do to mix up my workouts.

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Monday is the start of a new week and like most people I like to workout chest/triceps. I switch up my my chest workout every other week with either starting off with barbell exercises or dumbbell exercises. First of all I’ll explain why I jump back and forth between the two throughout my whole workout plan. I like to use barbell because I can control more weight on the bar using two hands to lift the weight, vs one arm controlling the weight like a dumbbell. When I use dumbbells I also tend to work my stabilizers more then I would with a barbell, using dumbbells does not put me in such a fixed position like barbell. I can let the weight drop where it wants without straining my shoulders to much. After incline and decline bench press with either barbell or dumbbells, I like to throw in a variation of a fly. I often switch up how I do flys as well, either with a dumbbell/cable machine/ or seated fly machine. I like to do all three positions on the cable fly machine, lower, middle and upper so I can work the chest evenly throughout. Now we are going to jump

Into my tricep workout, I start this off by doing some heavy skull crushers with a easy curl bar. To

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Make this exercise harder you can put your head on the very end of the flat bench and let the weight drop down as far as it can go just before it hits the floor, then curl it up.  This will increase your range of motion which in return will break down the muscle more. I follow up nearly every exercise with a superset, I will hit either a cable/rope tricep pull down. Or a v-bar tricep pull down. I always throw in a single arm cable pull down, this helps me focus on the muscle I want to work instead of having that other arm get in the way and over compensating the weight for you. After these I always throw in a weighted tricep dip and I take it until failure each set. I like this as a good finisher because it works your chest as well as tricep.

Sage Cake

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