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Brooke’s Fitness Board – January 17th, 2019


Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to talk to you about meal prepping, it’s the easiest yet hardest thing to do and it is so important to do.

When I meal prep I have to mix up my foods, I cannot eat the same thing day in and day out. I get so

Meal Prep

sick of the same foods. I eat a variety of flavoured marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts. I marinate two pounded out breasts per bag. Then I freeze them and label what they are and take out what flavour I want to cook in the morning, then it’s thawed out by the time I get finished work and the gym. Some marinates I use are teriyaki, honey garlic, chipotle honey garlic, buffalo, chicken bacon ranch, sweet bbq, honey mustard chicken, lemon and herb chicken and this list goes on and on. Those are the main flavours I enjoy. I either eat a meal with white rice, or steamed garlic broccoli with other veggies as well. I always try and fill my self up with more protein than anything. When I snack on foods I like to try and keep them protein filled. Every couple of weeks I will marinate about 10 pounds of lean ground beef with a jerky seasoning and cure. I use sweet cracked pepper and sweet hardwood as my flavours. I then use a dehydrator and spend a weekend dehydrating the beef jerky sticks. It’s really really simple, the hardest part is laying out all the beef on the trays. I use a jerky gun which makes it easier, but once that’s done you just put the lid on, set your temp and time and walk away and come back in 7 hours, and there you go! A perfect guilt free-protein filled snack.

Sage Cake

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Sage Cake