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Brooke’s Fitness Board – July 10th, 2018


The last few weeks have been tough for me, I haven’t been following my meal planning and haven’t been going to the gym as much as I usually would, but that’s okay, because it has been shown that taking time off from the gym can actually get you more “gains” once you start back again. My life has

New House

been so busy lately, my boyfriend and I just bought a house so doing all of that and now moving in! It will give me a lot more time to be able to meal prep and gym am which I am very exited about! I also hurt my back a few weeks ago and if my life wasn’t already crazy enough at that point I would have take a few days off from the gym anyways to prevent further injury. Back injuries are a hard one to deal with, it almost feels like you lose all core strength when you have one so you’d be silly to work through it and make it worse.

Getting Ready for the Gym

I still did a few light exercises and after those quick, light weight workouts my back would actually feel better and it was what it needed. I’ve made the mistake before of hurting my back but then just working through the pain as I usually would as the gym and it took my back so much longer to heal. Injuries are no joke, and not paying attention to them will only make them worse, you only have one body…make the most of it!


Brooke Paul

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Brooke Paul Workout Photo. Photo by Wanda Harron Photography