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Brooke’s Fitness Board – July 17th, 2018


Today I am going to talk about the Smith Machine. It’s one of my favorite gym equipment, easy to use and very effective. There are so many different ways to use this machine and I will tell you a few ways I use it.  If you’re not sure what the Smith Machine is, I have a picture attached to this blog. Most, if not every single gym should have one of these. They look like a squat rack but with extra support, which is pretty much exactly what it is! I first started using the Smith Machine when I was just starting out at the gym and learning how to squat correctly. Using this machine to teach you

Smith Machine

how to squat correctly is a great starting point. It stabilizes you, and saves you from falling backwards. Being able to get your footing right is the main reason I started on this. Now the downside to this is once you start squatting in the squat rack with just the bar it feel very different as you don’t have that support stopping you from falling backwards. Legs are my favorite to work on this machine as you can do so many different kinds of leg exercises and hit each muscle a different way. Bulgarian Split squats is one that I like to do, as well as close stance squats with a 25 pound plate on the

Photo by Wanda Harron Photography

ground with your heals on the plate. Hip thrusters are another one to set up pretty easily with great befit. Another way to use this machine is for shoulders, standing shoulder press, upright rows, shrugs and so many more! This machine is super easy to use and you can hit a great deal of muscle on it. If you haven’t already, give the Smith Machine in your gym a try!




Brooke Paul

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