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Brooke’s Fitness Board – July 3rd, 2018


What a great weekend I had, to start it off my little sister graduated high school (on the honour roll)! On Friday my boyfriend and I went up to Medicine Hat, Alberta for the 5K Foam Fest. WOW! So much fun! I really liked how you were there for fun rather than to actually run the 5K, because I’ll be honest I was not ready to run the full thing. There was so much foam, obstacles, and even a 60 foot slide, maybe even higher! There were obstacles like army crawls, quick feet, climbing up and jumping over walls, and so much more! There was so much foam at times you almost couldn’t breathe while walking through so I would walk backwards. I pushed Sage down once and he fell, took a while to come back up, but once he did he was covered in foam! Heights are one of my worst fears but I wasn’t going to let that get in my way of finishing the 5K. There was a big group of us sticking together during the run, laughing while each other would fall on the obstacles. At the end of the race we all got a medal and a towel. There were photographers all around the race taking pictures and once they upload all their pictures you can look your race number up and all the pictures with your number pop up, so I am excited for that too. I can’t wait till next year!! If you ever have a chance to do the Foam Fest or any other fun run like that totally take up the opportunity! Not only are they fun, but you get a little workout not even knowing it because of how much fun you are having. The weekend has flown by once again, time to get myself back on track with my diet and the gym!

At the 5K Foam Fest in Medicine Hat, Alberta


Brooke Paul

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