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Brooke’s Fitness Board – June 12th, 2018

Hi all!

Brooke Paul Gym Picture

Today I want to talk about scales and why you shouldn’t let them determine your success. I have been working out for over 2 years now and I haven’t lost a single pound on the scale! In fact I’ve gained a few pounds. Now that doesn’t mean I’m any bigger than I was 2 years ago, I’m slimmer for sure with a lot more muscle. Slimming down doesn’t always mean losing weight off the scale, you can notice it in your clothing first. This is losing body fat while gaining muscle. I went to try on all of my summer clothes that I have worn the past few years and since I have put on a lot of muscle on my lower body none of my shorts fit! So I need to go shopping for some new summer clothes. To some people this may be a bad thing, but for me I love it! It shows me that what I am doing and all the time I spend in the gym in paying off, even though I weigh very much the same. Another way to tell you’re losing body fat even though you may not be losing it on the scale is to measure yourself and look at your inches lost. For myself instead of going off the scale for my weight to see how I’m progressing, I got this really cool scale from Amazon and it tells me everything from my body fat percentage to bone mass and everything in-between!

Don’t let the scale tell you that you’re doing a good job, because you are, and your weight is only a number! Keep up the good work!


Brooke Paul

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Brooke Paul Workout Photo. Photo by Wanda Harron Photography


Photo by Wanda Harron Photography