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Brooke’s Fitness Board – March 26th, 2019


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about reasons why you might have stopped losing weight.

If your following your macros and taking in exactly what you need every day to lose weight, plus exercising properly you should be losing weight. There could be a few things that might be slowing you down. A big one is not properly weighing your food. If you’re not using a scale to count exactly what you consume everyday, how would you know if you’re eating a little to much each meal. Or stress is actually a big one to. If you’re stressed it increases your cortisol levels which in return stores fat. You could also be gaining muscle now that you’ve lost weight so the scale won’t change, sometimes it will go up even though you’re slimming down. I would recommend to follow your meal plan but from now on and out measure your body. You can look up on google places to measure your body for fat loss, then write those numbers down and track it. Measure your self on the same day and time once a week or once every two weeks. And if you still see no changes, slowly drop your calories per meal by about 200-300 calories.

Sage Cake

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