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Brooke’s Fitness Board – May 14th, 2019


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to give you a easy healthy chicken meal that is great for meal prepping!

We are going to be making what I like to call “beer butt chicken”. First your going to need to buy a whole chicken, as well as a metal chicken holder that you can place a can of beer inside. You are also going to have to pick out your favourite sweet tasting beer, or you can use a can of coke. I would also recommend picking up a bottle of beer can seasoning for the chicken. Now we can start the seasoning and preparation process on the chicken. First you need to season the chicken very heavily with the beer can seasoning, make sure you get inside the chicken, under the arm pits all around the entire chicken. Slice up some baby potatoes into quarters, along with mushrooms if you like them and a white onion. Crack open a beer and drink half of it, then place it inside the chicken. Then place the chicken and beer can holder on a tinfoil cooking tray. Then throw in your potato mix all around the tray along with some real butter. Turn your BBQ on high heat or until it sits steady at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Now you can throw you chicken on the BBQ and let it cook for about 40 minutes to an hour.

Then turn it around to get the side that sits away from most of the heat to cook as evenly as the other side. It should only take about 1.5 hours total to cook but it’s always a good idea to stick a thermometer in the chicken to make sure it is done. Then all you need to do is pick a couple more sides, I went with steamed green beans and homemade mushroom caps this meal. Cooking a whole chicken like this makes for some good meal prep, you get lots of meat out of a whole chicken and it tastes delicious!  

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