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Brooke’s Fitness Board – May 15th, 2018


Usually weekends are a write off for me, I don’t go to the gym and I fall off the wagon food wise. I work hard during the week so I give my body a rest for the weekend, and why I eat bad on weekends

Brooke Paul and Sage Cake Bike Ride Afternoon

is…well just because I deserve it! But this weekend was different, on Saturday I helped my mom clean up her whole front yard, we raked all of it and then she laid down some stuff so she doesn’t have to weed then put wood chips on top. Wow! What a difference it made, no more weeding and so cheap too! Raking is such a workout, we all hit all of our goals on our apple watches for workout before even 6pm. Then Sunday afternoon Sage and I went for a 10km bicycle ride. So much fun!! It almost didn’t feel as if it was a workout just because it was so fun. What kind of better workout?! Those are my favorite kind of activities, outdoors and you don’t even feel like you’re working out. The bike I used was one of Sage’s dads, it was so high-tech for a bike it was amazing! So easy to ride considering I haven’t went on a real bike ride in years. I will for sure be going on more this summer. I have a feeling I might be really sore come morning but so worth it!

Brooke Paul Bike Ride Afternoon

There were a few hills that were tough to get up but I pushed through the pain and made it up, all but one that is lol! Well now that Sunday has once again come it’s time to go meal prep!

Have a good week,

Brooke Paul

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Photo by Wanda Harron Photography