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Brooke’s Fitness Board – May 1st, 2018

May 1st, 2018


This week I took an extra-long weekend just because! Sage, my boyfriend, had Friday off so I decided to take the day off as well. We started our day with going to the gym and then went to Regina. At the gym I worked shoulders and abs, it’s nice when Sage is there with me because if he sees I’m doing something with the wrong form he will correct me, this is how I’ve learnt a lot of the things I know in the gym. Here is my shoulder and ab workout I did Friday,


  • 3×10 reps Lateral Raises -superset with- 3×10 Rotator Cuff External Horizontal Rotation
  • 3×10 Rotator Cuff External Lateral Rotation -with- Across body shoulder stretch


  • 3×10 reps Arnold Press – super-set with- 3×10 Bent Over Rear Delt Fly
  • 3×10 reps Standing Press on Smith Machine -superset with- 3×10 Upright Rows on Smith -superset with- 3×10 Shrugs on Smith
  • 3×10 reps Shoulder Press into windmill -superset with- 3×10 Lateral Shoulder Raise Machine
  • 3×10 reps Rope to Face on Cables -superset with- 3×10 Reverse Fly Machine
  • 3×20 reps Wide Feet Side Crunch -superset with- 3×10 Weighted Side Bend (each side)
  • 3×20 Leg Raises -superset with- 3×10 Ab Wheel Extension

Shoulders blow my mind! You don’t have to do heavy weight to feel the burn. My oblique’s are so sore from those weighted side bends. Can’t say I’m mad lol!  Saturday I helped my mom clean up the yard, who knew raking the lawn was such a workout. I can already tell my body is going to be even more sore tomorrow!

Take care everyone

Brooke Paul

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Photo by Wanda Harron Photography