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Brooke’s Fitness Board – May 29th, 2018


Brooke Paul Leg Workout

Today I will be blogging about my favorite day of all days…LEG DAY! Leg workouts are tough, but that is why I love them. People have a love-hate relationship with leg day, they are one of the largest muscles on your body and it’s not easy to work them as they burn a ton of energy. While you’d think you’d get the best sweat going from a high-intensity cardio session, it’s amazing the amount you will sweat on leg day so just like any other day, you want to stay hydrated. For my upper body workouts I usually go lower weight and higher reps, where for my leg workouts I go heavy weight and lower reps. I superset every workout, trying to make sure I am not working the same muscle in the superset.

Warm Up:

  • A nice good stretch, squat the bar with no weights.


  • 4 sets 10 reps regular squats – superset with – 25 banded side steps
  • 4 sets 10 reps sumo dead lifts – superset with – body weight calf raises
  • 4 sets 10 reps hack squat wide stance – superset with – 10 reps hack squat close stance
  • 4 sets 15 reps standing calf raises – superset with – 15 reps good mornings
  • 4 sets 12 reps seated leg curl – superset with – 12 reps donkey kicks
  • 4 sets 10 reps laying down hamstring curl – superset with – 20 walking lunges


Brooke Paul Photo
Photo by Wanda Harron Photography

Be sure to stretch out good afterwards! My favorite feeling is when you’re sitting there after a good leg workout and your legs won’t stop shaking, this workout does just that!

Enjoy the burn!

Brooke Paul

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Brooke Paul Photo
Photo by Wanda Harron Photography