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Brooke’s Fitness Board – October 23rd, 2018



As mentioned in my previous blog I was going to go over some tips to calculate your macros, first I will explain in this blog how to calculate your calories needed every day to maintain or loose weight. Then we will go into the specifics another blog on calculating how much fats proteins and carbs you need and work it into your calories needed. We will calculate approximately how many calories you need per day to maintain/loose weight, or gain weight.

First you will need to calculate your basal metabolic rate at rest (BMR), then your basal Metabolic Rate rate in motion. You can do this by by going on the internet and search up “BMR calculator” it will ask you your height, age, weight. Take that calorie number and write it down. Then to calculate it in motion it’s basically the same thing but it’s calculating calories needed depending on how active you are, it will ask your height, age, weight, and ask how active you are,  type in “BMR in motion calculator” take that number and write it down. After those 2 numbers are down on paper add them together then divide them by two, That will be your approximate number to use. If you want to gain weight add about 250-500 calories if you want to loose weight minus 250-500 calories off your calories needed.  Keep in mind that everybody’s body is different and you will have to find what works best for your body, this is just a general structure you will have to work with, you will have to play around with the amount of calories you take off or add on.

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