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Brooke’s Fitness Board – October 9th, 2018


Hello everyone today I’m going to start this blog off by saying happy Thanksgiving!

I am going to explain a few things I do to keep my eating consumption on the right path.  I always found it hard to get through holidays while staying on track with sticking to the gym and eating

healthy while all my family are down, everyone’s eating good food and drinking good drinks. I use to really watch what I ate around these times but I gave up on that and now I let loose on it a little, and that’s okay. I just make sure the months leading up to these certain holidays are healthy meal choices and I use it as sort of a motivation, then while I’m enjoying the time with my family I don’t feel as guilty. I also just make sure I intake lots of protein and healthy carbs while keeping the sugary treats to a minimum. If I am having a few drinks out with everyone I will try and consume one glass of water with every drink I decide to have to keep hydrated! There are a few tips I use to stay on track during holiday seasons, till next time!

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