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Brooke’s Fitness Board – September 12th, 2018



Post Workout Nutrition…

In other words, what should you eat after a workout? A lot of people put more thought into their pre-workout meal rather than their post workout meal.

You put a lot of effort into your workouts and consuming the right foods AFTER a workout is just as important as before a workout. Protein will help repair and heal muscle, so for example every time after a workout I come home and chug back a protein shake right away. This is a way of giving your body the nutrients it’s craving as soon as possible while waiting for supper to cook. Your body is also wanting carbs and fats (don’t worry, not all fats are bad!) Drinking water is equally important before and after a workout as well. So next time you finish a workout, make sure you get your body the proper nutrition it needs!


Brooke Paul

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Brooke Paul – Photo by Wanda Harron Photography
Brooke Paul – Photo by Wanda Harron Photography