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Fuel the Hunger

FUEL THE HUNGER TIP OF WEEK – December 21st, 2019

Get Your Micronutrients Vitamins and minerals are needed to produce hormones, enzymes, produce red blood cells and release energy from food The majority of vitamins and minerals come from fruits and vegetables but also from meats and grains. If you struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables: – put fruit […]

Rachel Homan on Recent Success, Being a New Mom, and Plans for 2020 | RP Show Dec 19, 2019

Rachel Homan was recently on The Rod Pedersen Show talking about life curling and more.   You can see the video clip below.   To book Rachel Homan for your next event go to https://www.emjmarketing.com/bookings/ Tune into The Rod Pedersen Show LIVE Mon-Fri at 10 am (SK Time) at www.facebook.com/TheRodPedersenShow

Damon Allen on his start in the CFL, Coaching Aspirations and MORE! | RP Show Dec 5, 2019

Damon Allen on The Rod Pedersen Show December 5th, 2019.   Damon Allen is a great keynote speaker.   Book Damon Allen for your next event at bookings@emjmarketing.com  Video courtesy of The Rod Pedersen Show

Amber Balcaen Race Car Driver and Keynote Speaker Advertising Opportunity

Amber Balcaen is not only a fantastic keynote speaker but is great behind the wheel! If you are looking for a great to advertise your brand contact us today to become a sponsor of Amber Balcaen Racing. Contact us at www.emjmarketing.com or 1-855-396-6830

Shredded Athletic Apparel Line

Check out the Shredded Athletic Apparel Line receive a 10% discount and get free shipping right up until the end of December https://kb2-clothing.myshopify.com/discount/Brooke?redirect=%2Fcollections%2Fshredded-athletic-wear

How to Reach Your Athletic Potential

What separates elite athletes from the rest? Talent? Many talented athletes never lived up to their potential. Technical skills? All the technical skills in the world will not help if you are unable to perform those skills in the heat of competition. Natural athleticism? There are many examples in sports […]


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. Summer is one of the toughest times to get into the gym as it’s so hot out already, and I don’t want to go into the hot gym to sweat some more, but I find ways to keep […]

Fuel The Hunger Tip of Week – July 29th, 2019

  Effects of Alcohol Research has shown that protein synthesis (muscle growth) decreases by at least 20% with alcohol present. Why? Alcohol dehydrates the body – you need water in your muscle cells to maximize muscle growth. Alcohol decreases testosterone levels and increases estrogen – both are bad for muscle […]

BIG Competitions Mindset – Shayne McGowan

  All athletes want to come up BIG in BIG moments such as: * The Fighter who wants that knockout punch. * The golfer who dreams of sinking a birdie putt to win a golf tournament. * The basketball player who wants to sink the final shot to win a […]

Fuel The Hunger Tip of Week – July 21st, 2019

    Energy Drinks New regulations in Canada limit the caffeine in individual servings of energy drinks to 80 mg. One can contains 14 tsp of sugar (54 grams) or more depending on the size of the can. Having one can is not harmful, having several is a problem. Too […]