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Claudet Brown

Claudette Brown inspires people to find the good in a bad situation and to fulfill their life’s purpose. She does this by using her life experiences and learning.

Presently, as well as being a bilingual motivational speaker, Claudette Brown is actively painting and offers private Art lessons at her acreage studio, CBrown Art Studio, west of Stony Plain, Alberta.

Claudette has been an artist all of her life and she was blessed with parents who encouraged her talent. In 2007, after 29 years of teaching French Immersion in the elementary school system and being the Art Specialist, she retired. In 2008, the brain tumor catapulted Claudette Brown into three years of writing and painting about her experience. Her book ‘Searching for Heaven on the Road Through Hell- the Memoirs of a Brain Tumor Survivor’ has opened the door for public speaking. She was inspired to use this experience to give back to the world and to leave a legacy for her family.

Claudette is inspired by God’s creation. She fulfills her artistic need by tapping into this resource and by having faith that her creative essence will flow through which ever medium she choose to use. As a teacher, it is her calling to share the knowledge that she has incurred and to pass it onto her students to the best of her ability. As a speaker, she motivates people to find the good in a bad situation and inspires them to live a full and purposeful life.

Claudette enjoys speaking on the following topics:

Goal Setting
Personal Development
Health Care