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Fuel The Hunger Tip of Week March 15th, 2019



Top Protein Sources

  1. Protein powder – 24 g per scoop
  2. Dairy: Whey (fast digesting) and Casein (slow digesting):

Milk – 8 g per cup.

Yogurt – 23 g per 8 ounces

Cottage Cheese – 14 g per half cup

  1. Seafood

Halibut, Salmon, Tuna – 20-25 g per serving

  1. Meats

Steak – 23 g per 3 ounces

Ground beef (lean) – 18 g per 3 ounces

Pork Chops – 24 g per 3 ounces

Chicken/Turkey – 24 g per 3 ounces

  1. Eggs – 6 g in a large egg
  2. Plants

Beans – 20 g per 1 cup

Peanut butter – 8 g per 2 tbsp

Mixed nuts – 6 g per 2 ounces

Green peas – 6 g per 1 ounce

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Jacques Delorme

Fuel the Hunger
Jacques has created a system called Fuel the Hunger, a blueprint on eating well for performance. The program is designed to help athletes find the foods and eating pattern that works best for them to improve training results and reach peak performance levels. A better choice of foods and a plan of when to eat them will maximize energy levels, muscle efficiency and mental clarity so they are not sacrificing critical position to a weaker opponent. The knowledge gained will help the athlete to transition to a healthy, life-long pattern of eating that will keep them vibrant and reduce the risk of serious illness.