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Fuel The Hunger Tip of Week March 8th, 2019


What type of protein is best before bed and why?

  1. Protein makes up the bulk of your muscles and organs.
  2. It is essential for proper hormone function and immune system health.
  3. Protein promotes healing, repairing and growth of muscle tissue after strenuous exercise.
  4. Your body is starving for six to eight hours during sleep.
  5. Your body is at risk of a catabolic (breaking down) state caused by a combination of training, lack of nutrition and too little rest that can lead to muscle loss and fat build up. A protein that is slowly released over time is your best defense. Studies have shown that casein offers a strong anti-catabolic effect.
  6. Milk protein is 80% casein and 20% whey.
  7. There are three main types: micellar casein, milk protein isolate and calcium caseinate.
  8. Casein is not as good at promoting muscle building compared to whey protein but it is still the best as a bed-time protein source as it is slow digesting.
  9. On average, one 30 g scoop of casein protein powder has about 110 calories and 25 g of protein.
  10. Research shows casein causes a peak in blood amino acids and protein synthesis in 3 to 4 hours. This peak can last as long as 7 hours.
  11. Casein has the highest concentration of glutamine (an amino acid) which provides an increase in leucine in muscle fibers, increases protein synthesis and muscle growth.
  12. Glutamine boosts growth hormone levels and can aid fat loss.
  13. Drinking a glass of milk or using milk with a protein powder before bed is ideal.

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