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Jacques Delorme


Jacques Delorme is a former high school science and physical education teacher who now works for the Ministry of Education as an assessment consultant. Jacques has an extensive background in athletics as a certified coach in five sports, a National level volleyball referee and a certified sports nutrition adviser.

Growing up in an era where sports nutrition was not a focus for athletes, Jacques realized from personal experience as a high school and USport athlete, how eating well can impact athletic performance and overall health. He believes that all athletes have the ability to reach higher levels of performance in sport by understanding how to manage proper eating habits which will ultimately create a positive impact on their life-long fitness and well being.

Jacques is the current sports nutrition advisor for the Regina Thunder football club, writes a regular newsletter article for Sask Volleyball and mentors dozens of athletes to eat well in their sport. Jacques currently resides in Regina with his two children that he actively coaches in sports.


Fuel the Hunger
Jacques has created a system called Fuel the Hunger, a blueprint on eating well for performance. The program is designed to help athletes find the foods and eating pattern that works best for them to improve training results and reach peak performance levels. A better choice of foods and a plan of when to eat them will maximize energy levels, muscle efficiency and mental clarity so they are not sacrificing critical position to a weaker opponent. The knowledge gained will help the athlete to transition to a healthy, life-long pattern of eating that will keep them vibrant and reduce the risk of serious illness.