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Ken Evraire

As an insightful, intuitive, genuine storyteller, I have been told that I get it!

After 25 years serving as a professional athlete, broadcaster, coach and community philanthropist there is no greater compliment.

As a leadership coach, team builder and keynote speaker, I offer outside-the-box, energy-infused presentations centred on communication, collaboration and conquering.

No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all offerings! My work is tailor made to suit your needs.

Like a Sherpa guide who prepares the route for climbers, fixes the ropes in place, and carries the necessary climbing kit up the mountain, I will set the table for you and your team.


T H E  ” I ”  I N  T E A M

To every coach that decrees, there is no “I” in Team, I say you are so wrong. The “I” within the team is the key to all team success regardless of the arena of competition. Ironically, I learned this from coaches/leaders who failed miserably from a leadership perspective. The “I” in Team is a great reminder to coaches/leaders that times have changed!

3 6 0   D E G R E E  C I R C L E  O F  I N F L U E N C E

What is more dangerous? Catching a football over the middle of the field or disabling improvised explosive devices in the theatre of war? You would think the answer was fairly obvious. Not so after I learned about the 360 Degree Circle of Influence from a neighbour/explosives specialist!


Imagine being the key catalyst in a 4×100 Olympic gold medal relay performance but never stand on the podium. It’s the sacrifice that nobody knows about! Imagine having a gold medal but never bring it out to show anyone because it invariably requires an explanation. Often times the greatest sacrifice occurs away from the spotlight.

T H E   T I G E R   C A T   A N D   T H E   T – B A L L   P L A Y E R

You just never know when you a life changing moment will knock on your door. Find out how an invitation to a t-ball banquet becomes a shared life changing experience between a football player and a t-ball star!


“With Ken, we got a true professional MC for our event. He was charming, well-prepared, and provided great solutions to engage our audience and set the stage for a fun and informative conference.”

Milt Isaacs, President Association of Canadian Financial Officers


“Bar none, the most important speaker we have for our athletes and their parents when it comes to dealing with media, questions, and the athletic experience.The feedback we have gotten from his presentations has always been resoundingly positive.”

Mike Pilon – Owner Endeavour Sports Group


“Whether it be on the field, in front of a camera or in the corporate boardroom, Ken’s experience offers clients a unique look into highperformance individuals and organizations.”

Anil Dilawri— Principal Save it Like Sully


“We hired Ken as our emcee for our charity golf tournament and we’re so glad we did. He was a true professional and quick on his feet. His calm yet entertaining and amusing delivery was perfect. He had our attendees laughing all evening and knew just the right things to say. Ken was excellent and we’re definitely hiring him again for future events without question.”

Pat Fleming – Owner of Fleming Fitness


“We hold an annual day dedicated to team building, professional development, and staff appreciation.Ken got the day off to a great start. Ken was highly entertaining and he was able to put a fresh slant on how a good team can become a great team. In doing so, he set exactly the right tone for the day!”

Dr. Brian O’Rourke (CADTH President)


“Ken has worked with several of my teams over the years, it always amazes me how he connects with people. Ken not only helped our young athletes understand the importance of settings goals but he also gave them a means of achieving them. This past season Ken was a big part of our team winning a championship……..thank you Ken”.

Jim Cooke-Head Coach Ottawa 67’s AAA Minor Bantam