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Keynote Speaker Feature – Chad Besplug

Considered a true definition of a cowboy, Chad Besplug brings the excitement and dynamic energy of bull riding to the podium. Cowboys have a reputation as tough athletes and Besplug talks about his love of bull riding. He will walk you through the dangers and the ultimate thrill of riding an 1,800-pound animal for eight seconds.

A three-time Canadian champion, Besplug discusses why the risks of injury and the thrill of victory make bull riding such a beautiful sport.

Besplug is also a champion when it comes to discussing business. He has shifted the mental focus, passion and the desire to succeed he used in the ring to his new business Alpha Bull, which creates special high level rodeo events. His business sense is also of championship caliber and Besplug is eager to share his success strategies, leadership traits and goal setting techniques with your corporate team.

Besplug has a passion for ensuring all rodeo cowboys and bull riders understand the risks and severity of concussions.

Whether you want Chad Besplug to discuss his rodeo adventures and stories about his fellow cowboys or how to develop a successful business model, you can count on him to deliver a championship presentation that lasts longer than eight seconds.