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Reg Leidl

Reginald Leidl graduated from McLurg High School and went on to pursue his passion receiving his Bachelor of Education Degree in Education and Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan. Reg began his teaching career in Esterhazy where he taught Health and Physical Education for several years before moving to Langenburg where he was the Principal and continued to teach Physical Education for additional 3 years. Reg also continued to pursue his education through Minot State University, where he received a Master of Science Degree with a major in Elementary Education. He received the received the Graduate School’s Citation for Excellence Award and the Top Graduate Student in Education from Minot State University. Reg returned to Esterhazy in 1996 where he was both Principal and a K-5 Physical Education teacher until 2013. Reg then took on a position as a Physical Education Consultant with the Ministry of Education in Saskatchewan where he continues to work. He has also continued to pursue further education, working on his Doctoral Degree in Education – Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction.

Reg has received many awards throughout his career including many for coaching, leadership, education and The Principal of the Year Award. He continues his research focusing on physical education with a dissertation looking at physical literacy – how visual feedback and mirror neurological training affects the acquisition of fundamental movement skills in children and youth. Reg has published many articles and done presentations on the subject of physical education throughout his career. He has extensive training and continues to educated himself and the public through his research and work with the Ministry of Education.

Even in his spare time Reg is involved in the community in a coaching capacity. He is currently the Head Coach for Esterhazy’s Nine Man Football. Reg has worked with many athletes and students throughout the years as a teacher and coach. He brings passion and commitment to the education of our youth and the developing of programs for physical education and our future athletes.