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Sports Dinner Thoughts from Moose Jaw


I was at a sports dinner in Moose Jaw, SK in early February.   There were some great speakers Weston Dressler, Paul Coffey and Joe Carter.   I really enjoyed the message that they all brought.   Weston Dressler spoke about always believing he could play even though he was told that he was too small.  He also spoke about believing in your dreams and the importance of setting goals.   Paul and Joe talked about playing the game for the right reasons and that the money in professional sports is clouding the goal that should be playing for a championship.   Paul Coffey talked about coaches in youth hockey and how they should be teaching the game while letting the kids have some fun and helping build their character.   Allowing the kids to grow and develop their skills and not get muddled up in the systems,  etc. at such a young age.

I thought the night was fantastic and the speakers did a great job of not only entertaining with some great sports stories, but bringing a message as well.   

A great job was done by the committee and the night was a fantastic success for the Moose Jaw Kinsmen.

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