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Brooke’s Fitness Board – August 14th, 2018

  Hey! Let talk about some weight loss myths. Some of these I have learnt on my own, and others through some research. losing weight will take time, it’s not an over night process. You will see the scale go up and down, depending on what and how you body […]

Brooke’s Fitness Board – August 7th, 2018

  Hello! Today I am going to talk about 3 mistakes newbies (including myself!) can make while starting their fitness journey. Going way to heavy than what you can lift and not lifting it with proper form. Not having a plan of what you are going to when you step […]

Brooke’s Fitness Board – July 24th, 2018

  Hello! This weekend I was out at the lake, but being at the lake doesn’t totally mean a weekend off from being active. There are so many different workouts you can do that don’t require a gym or weights. Today I will give you a few tips and tricks […]

Brooke’s Fitness Board – July 17th, 2018

Hello! Today I am going to talk about the Smith Machine. It’s one of my favorite gym equipment, easy to use and very effective. There are so many different ways to use this machine and I will tell you a few ways I use it.  If you’re not sure what […]

Brooke’s Fitness Board – July 10th, 2018

Hello! The last few weeks have been tough for me, I haven’t been following my meal planning and haven’t been going to the gym as much as I usually would, but that’s okay, because it has been shown that taking time off from the gym can actually get you more […]