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Amber Balcaen – Victory Lane Podcast

Listen here https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/episode-101-amber-balcaen/id1453352693?i=1000515518640 Amber Balcaen made history, becoming the first Canadian female to win a NASCAR sanctioned race in the United States. But she’s now setting her sights on bigger and better things in the motorsports world. She joins Davey this week (17:00) to explain why joining the BMR Drivers Academy […]

ON THE ROCKS: Curling analyst Jill Officer breaks down action at world men’s

Apr 03, 2021 By Ted Wyman WATCH BELOW as Postmedia curling writer Ted Wyman breaks down the first two days of action at the world men’s curling championship with the help of analyst Jill Officer. What do you think? VIA: https://winnipegsun.com/curling/on-the-rocks-curling-analyst-jill-officer-breaks-down-action-at-world-mens Jill Officer Photo by Anil Mungal

Jill Officer

When she was 17, she won her first provincial curling championship.  Just a year later, she won her first National title.  Since then, she hasn’t looked back winning seven more provincial titles, six national titles and four world championship medals including gold in 2008 and 2018. After trying two times […]

Paul LaPolice on The Rod Pedersen Show

REDBLACKS Needs in 2021, Chris Streveler w/ Arizona Cardinals, CFL vs NFL, MORE w/ HC Paul LaPolice  

Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown’s career has gone in a few different direction but has always come back to one aspect , public speaking. With over 40 years of announcing shows around the world including a North American Tour with Sheryl Crow, Ziggy Marley and Train to the Budweiser Aerial Show at the […]


Pesticides and other Chemicals Clean your fruit and vegetables before eating them. If you peel them like oranges, bananas, some types of cucumbers, these are not a concern as the chemicals do not get through the skin. Other items like lettuce, broccoli and apples need to be washed to remove […]

Mental Toughness – EMJ Keynote Speaker and Mental Game Coach Shayne McGowan

Mental toughness…what is it? How to maintain it? How do we apply it to our game? Listen here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/mentaledgeperformance/episode-5-mental-toughness Book Shayne McGowan to work with your team in the office or on the field today!


Preventing Cramps Contrary to what you have been told, research has shown that cramps in the latter stages of a game are NOT due to dehydration or electrolyte loss from sweat. The real reason is neuromuscular fatigue – a fancy way of saying your muscles gave up. Muscles reach a […]

Confidence – EMJ Keynote Speaker and Mental Game Coach Shayne McGowan

Shayne McGowan talks about confidence. How it can help you succeed or how having too little or too much (overconfident) can help you fail Listen here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/mentaledgeperformance/episode-4-confidence Book Shayne McGowan to work with your team in the office or on the field today!

Keynote Speaker Feature – Chad Besplug

Considered a true definition of a cowboy, Chad Besplug brings the excitement and dynamic energy of bull riding to the podium. Cowboys have a reputation as tough athletes and Besplug talks about his love of bull riding. He will walk you through the dangers and the ultimate thrill of riding […]