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Wayne Lee – Keynote Speaker and Hypnotist

If there’s one thing peak performance experts like Wayne Lee agree on, it’s that the mind is capable of leading us anywhere. He is an unrelenting advocate for individuals and teams looking to turn potential into performance. Through humor and hypnosis, he helps people drop their defenses and access their […]

KW Oil Kings Sportsman Dinner April 4th 2020

Get your tickets today for the KW Oil Kings Sportsman Dinner featuring Charleston Hughes and Stu Grimson.   It is going to be a fantastic evening.  Don’t Miss Out


Ingredients in Supplements Some athletes take a mass gainer in order to consume enough calories to gain weight. You have to eat more calories than you burn from exercise or you will NOT gain weight. What ingredients should you look out for? Those items listed first on the food label […]

Motivation – EMJ Keynote Speaker and Mental Game Coach Shayne McGowan

Motivation…what is it? How do you get it? How do you keep? What motivates you? Shayne McGowan breaks it down Listen here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/mentaledgeperformance/performance-podcast-motivation Book Shayne McGowan to work with your team in the office or on the field today!

Amber Balcaen Race Car Driver and Keynote Speaker Advertising Opportunity

Amber Balcaen is not only a fantastic keynote speaker but is great behind the wheel! If you are looking for a great to advertise your brand contact us today to become a sponsor of Amber Balcaen Racing. Contact us at www.emjmarketing.com or 1-855-396-6830

Stu Grimson

Stu Grimson played for the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League (the “NHL”) from 2001 to 2003 and posted 39 points and 2113 penalty minutes over his 729 career games with Calgary, Chicago, Anaheim, Detroit, Hartford, Carolina, Los Angeles before retiring with Nashville. After his playing career ended, Stu […]

How to Reach Your Athletic Potential

What separates elite athletes from the rest? Talent? Many talented athletes never lived up to their potential. Technical skills? All the technical skills in the world will not help if you are unable to perform those skills in the heat of competition. Natural athleticism? There are many examples in sports […]

Steve Mazurak

Steve Mazurak – ‘Go Big or Go Home’ Catching and riding the whale…an insider’s tale of Saskatchewan Roughrider Sales, Marketing and Corporate Sponsorships I’ll take you on a journey of how we made ‘cents’ out of selling the Rider Brand…from keychains, Fantuz Flakes and Stadium Naming Rights. And yes, our […]

Merv Fonger

Merv is a former head of the History Department at A. E. Peacock Collegiate, who is now retired and now is currently working as a high performance consultant with the Saskatchewan Curling Association. In addition to his responsibilities with the S.C.A.,he has been a coach for both Canadian and International […]

Jacques Delorme

BIO: Jacques Delorme is a former high school science and physical education teacher who now works for the Ministry of Education as an assessment consultant. Jacques has an extensive background in athletics as a certified coach in five sports, a National level volleyball referee and a certified sports nutrition adviser. […]