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Tag: Myths

Brooke’s Fitness Board – October 2nd, 2018

  Hi Everyone, I’m going to start this blog off by telling you a little bit about my self. My name is Sage cake I am 21 years old. I am going to be taking over Brooke’s blog on “Brooke’s Fitness Board” for a bit! I have been fascinated with […]

Brooke’s Fitness Board – September 12th, 2018

    Post Workout Nutrition… In other words, what should you eat after a workout? A lot of people put more thought into their pre-workout meal rather than their post workout meal. You put a lot of effort into your workouts and consuming the right foods AFTER a workout is […]

Brooke’s Fitness Board – August 28th, 2018

  Hi! There are days I don’t feel like working out. Just like everyone else there are days I want to sit on my couch and watch TV, and there are some days I do just that! Today I will talk about some ways I motivate myself to get to […]

Brooke’s Fitness Board – August 22nd, 2018

  Hello! Let’s have some REAL TALK! Bloating is something that I’ve always struggled with, as you can tell in the picture my stomach is flat in the morning but as the day goes on and I get food and water in my body my stomach explodes! There are days […]

Brooke’s Fitness Board – August 14th, 2018

  Hey! Let talk about some weight loss myths. Some of these I have learnt on my own, and others through some research. losing weight will take time, it’s not an over night process. You will see the scale go up and down, depending on what and how you body […]