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Why go with a veteran Emcee for your event?

The other day I was asked a very good question. “Why would I
book an emcee for my event when I could get a local radio
personality or just do it myself?”

We sat down for a coffee to discuss this further. You see a seasoned emcee is very key for an event’s success, for a few of the following reasons:

  • Emcee’s are the face (front person) of the event
  • They keep the event moving in a timely and choreographed fashion (according to the event itinerary)
  • They keep the crowed entertained between speakers and other events (such as auctions and lunch, supper)
  • Emcee’s are also the hype person for the speaker
  • They bring the events message throughout the event
  • They also bring recognition to the sponsors of the event

I then began to explain the amount of work that a seasoned Emcee does to prepare for an event. Most emcee’s put in hours to ensure they are properly prepared for the event.

They must make sure they research the speaker(s) that are going to be at the event. This is done to be sure they can hype them properly before they speak. It also allows for the flow of the evening as parts of the research can be used for jokes throughout the event.

Emcee’s also need to make sure they understand the client and the message that they want brought to their event. Then they are able to prepare a plan so they are able to deliver the message that the  client wants.

One of the big things a seasoned emcee brings to the table is the ability to adapt and change things on the fly. Often things don’t go exactly as planned and seasoned emcee’s are able adapt quickly and stay consistent to allow for good flow of the event and give the audience the perception that even if there is a glitch ..it was meant to happen that way.

To put it plain and simple….. “A great event always has a
professional, seasoned emcee”.